OEM Certified Collision Repair Equipment Makes a Difference

With the introduction of the Car-O-Tronic measuring system, the team at Byron Bay Smash Repairs are committed to putting your safety first.

Car-O-Tronic is the #1 measuring system in the world for good reason! Electronic vehicle measuring is the most accurate way to ensure any structural damage such as suspension and framing damage that is sometimes hard to detect, is picked up and addressed at the outset of the repair process.

Before any quoting or work is carried out, your entire vehicle will be scanned; this means a lower body and a full upper body scan from the headlights to the tail lights is performed.

A thorough repair plan will then be created that includes the full extent of the vehicle damage.

Car-O-Tronic Wins the Safety Game…

Car-O-Tronic safety measuring system

This methodology ensures we put your safety first when your car is returned to you and greatly reduces the chance of re-works later on.

The Car-O-Tronic report is fully documented in a visual manner, allowing our customers to see for themselves the extent of the damage their vehicle has sustained. We have found this process to assist with customer peace of mind throughout the repair process.

All cars great and small…

The Car-O-Tronic measuring system features the most comprehensive vehicle database in existence today. Virtually every vehicle on the road today can be found in the Car-O-Tronic system database which contains measurements for more than 14,500 vehicles, with all crucial measurement references including new and updated vehicle models.

“With the use of the Car-O-Tronic system, I have seen an immediate improvement in the level of quality my technicians put into every repair. The measuring specifications have increased productivity and efficiency of the work, its a win-win for me and my customers as I can pass improved repair rates on to them.

The Car-O-Tronic measuring system is one of the many ways we have to honour our commitment of giving our customers accurate and professional work.”
– Craig Twomey, owner of Byron Bay Smash Repairs.