Choose Your Preferred Car Insurance Repair Provider

If you are in need of a smash repair service, it’s guaranteed you will want the least hassle possible. By choosing your own preferred panel beater repair company, you
will have the car insurance that’s right for you – with your own choice of repairer, you can feel calm and relaxed.

If your car has been in a collision, you are not alone if you are wondering what to now. It’s not uncommon to know very little about what you signed up for when you purchased your car insurance.

Maybe the accident was your fault, maybe it was the other party or maybe there’s a dispute. Either way, you want to get your vehicle back in pristine conditions and on the road again as soon as possible.

Calling your car insurer and following their instructions is not necessarily the most efficient or convenient way to get your repairs underway.

Motor vehicle insurance companies have their own set of criteria for handling customer service and may guide you to a repairer or repairing procedure or system that leaves you feeling you have no other option but to follow their advice, however this is often not the case.

Most comprehensive insurance policies in Australia now feature a ‘choice of repairer’. What this means is that it’s your right to choose who works on your car. And, depending on who you nominate, you may be able to get faster, more conveniently located, or more specialised repairs.

Just remember, its your right to choose who works on your car!

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