RTA Changes after Feb 2011

Before 1 February 2011, some vehicles were automatically eligible to be repaired and re-registered. These vehicles were known as ‘repairable write-offs’.
Currently registered repairable written-off vehicles
Repairable write-offs that were repaired and re-registered before 1 February 2011 in NSW can continue to be re-registered in NSW for the life of the vehicle, providing standard RMS inspection and registration requirements
are met.
Unregistered repairable written-off vehicles
The following arrangements apply for repairable written-off vehicles reported to the WOVR before 1 February 2011 but not yet re-registered with RMS:

  • These vehicles cannot be re-registered unless repairs are certified by a NSW Fair Trading licensed repairer (We ARE) and the vehicle passes two inspections – one for mechanical safety and one for identity validation (an RMS inspection).
  • From 1 February 2013, these vehicles will have their status changed to a statutory write-off if they have not been registered in the interim. This means that registered operators will need to apply for an Authorisation to Repair.
    As a licensed repairer, Byron Bay Smash Repairs stay continuously up to date with all changes in legislation
    For more detailed information, contact Craig at Byron Bay Smash Repairs or visit the RTA Website
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